What Are Some U.K. Spouse Visa Requirements?


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The United Kingdom's family of a settled person visa requires the payment of two fees for all applicants. One fee covers the processing of the application, and the other, the immigration health surcharge, covers an applicant's projected usage of the U.K. health care system. An applicant can get a refund on the latter application fee if U.K. immigration authorities reject her application, reports gov.uk

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What Are Some U.K. Spouse Visa Requirements?
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The spouse of an applicant for a family of a settled person has to be either a British citizen, a non-British citizen who has settled in the U.K. or a person who has asylum or humanitarian protection in the U.K. This visa is only applicable if the applicant is already in the U.K. at the time of the application and is not a citizen of Switzerland or the European Economic Area. If either one of these conditions are not applicable, there are visas for which spouses can apply for instead, notes gov.uk.

The family of a settled person visa gives the applying spouse eligibility to work and study in the U.K. for two-and-a-half years. At the end of this time, she can apply to extend the visa and remain in the country. If the applicant applies by postal mail, a "family of a settled person" visa application requires eight weeks for authorities to render a decision. For an extra fee, the spouse can apply in person at a U.K. immigration office and usually receive a decision the same day, states gov.uk.

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