Does U-Haul Rent Flatbed Trailers?

u-haul-rent-flatbed-trailers Credit: Todd Van Hoosear/CC-BY-SA 2.0

U-Haul does not offer flatbed trailers for rent, as of April 2015. It does offer several different sizes and varieties of trailers, including cargo trailers, utility trailers and vehicle trailers.

A flatbed trailer has a long flat surface with little to no supporting rails or top structure, whereas most other trailers have some kind of safety rail or are fully enclosed. The utility trailers carried by U-Haul are similar to flatbed trailers in that they contain no top. Flatbed trailers are most commonly used with larger types of trucks for towing very heavy or oversized cargo. Companies such as Ryder offer flatbed trailer rentals at certain locations, with different lengths and widths available.