What Are Typical Taxi Rates?


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Based on city the taxi operates in, taxi rates can vary dramatically. For example, the cost per mile traveled in New York City is $0.40, while the same distance costs only $0.20 in Los Angeles.

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What Are Typical Taxi Rates?
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Taxi fares differ depending on the surrounding metropolitan area and the distance being traveled. The charge for a complete taxi trip is determined by three components: the initial charge, mileage charge and mileage distance. The initial charge is usually between $2.00 to $3.00 and is incurred no matter how far the taxi travels. The mileage charge refers to how much in costs to travel 1 mile in the taxi. The mileage distance refers to how many miles are being traveled. The mileage distance is multiplied by the mileage charge and added to the initial charge.

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