What Types of Things Can You Cash in Your Air Miles Rewards For?


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Air Miles rewards can be redeemed for electronics, personal care items, concerts, theme park tickets and travel expenses. Air Miles does not provide the opportunity to redeem rewards points for cash in the United States, as of 2015.

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Air Miles provides its rewards program members with a number of products and services in exchange for miles accumulated. Examples of electronics devices available as of 2015 include an analogue turntable available for 4,800 reward miles and Bluetooth in-ear headphones that members can purchase for 1,725 reward miles.

Air Miles rewards members that have saved up considerable miles with the opportunity to enjoy free event and theme park tickets. Examples of tickets available as of 2015 include three-day resort passes at Walt Disney World, priced at 3,025 reward miles, and attendance at Dauphin's Countryfest in Manitoba, at 7,500 reward miles or 5,400 for Gold program members. Air Miles rewards members become Gold members when they earn at least 1,000 reward miles in a single year.

Members of Air Miles can accumulate more rewards miles by signing up for the Air Miles reward program with American Express. Purchases made from online Air Miles shops also add rewards miles to eligible account holders in the United States.

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