What Types of Services Does Happy Tours Travel Offer?


Happy Tours is a travel agency based in Los Angeles, CA, that offers car rental services to travellers across various cities in the U.S and Canada. As a tour operator and a travel wholesaler, the company serves both leisure and business clients who wish to rent cars.

Happy Tours Travel Agency offers rental cars at discounted rates to clients travelling to the United States and Canada. Reservations are made online or by making a toll free call to the company and clients don’t need to provide their credit cards to make the reservations. There are no charges on anyone wishing to cancel a reservation or require the car to be modified to suit his needs. The full amount of the hiring charges is only paid at destination.

Apart from the discounted rates, Happy Tours also offers clients free unlimited miles per kilometer. Clients also enjoy unlimited liability as the company provides third-party liability insurance, collision and damage cover, theft protection insurance and all taxes and local fees are paid for. Therefore, anyone who hires a car is not liable for any damages that may occur due to accidents for the period he hires the car.

As of 2015, the working hours are as follows: 900 am- 630 pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00 am- 6:00 pm on Saturdays.