What Types of Senior Bus Tours Are Available in the United States?


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Types of bus tours for seniors in the United States include show and concert tours, beach tours, sightseeing tours and gaming tours. Popular destinations include Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Cape Cod and Miami.

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Many bus tours for seniors are based on the activity or location. There are show trips that take seniors to destinations with concerts and live performances. Gaming tours also tend to be popular; they go to casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Destination bus tours go to cities such as Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, New York City and Los Angeles. Bus tours through Canada travel to Quebec City, Niagara Falls and Montreal.

Bus tours in Hawaii allow seniors to view landmarks such as the Waimea Canyon and see the sea cliffs from the road. There are also volcanic tours and plantation tours.

One-day bus tours provide seniors with a way to enjoy a day and evening in an interesting destination without having to be on a bus for days or weeks at a time. This might include seeing a live show in Las Vegas or visiting Los Angeles to go down Rodeo Drive and view the Hollywood sign. Longer, overnight tours usually include stops at hotels to give travelers a break from the buses.

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