What Are the Types of Land Forms Found in Texas?

Charlie Llewellin/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The types of landforms found in Texas include plains, mountains, waterways and beaches. Padre Island, a popular location for locals and tourists, is another landform located in Texas.

Texas boasts central plains and the Great Plains. The central plains are just northwest of the coast, and this location is where pecan and hickory trees thrive. The Grand Prairie is also located in this region, and this is where the nation’s second largest peanut-producing operations take place. The Great Plains are located in the Texas panhandle and feature limestone. It is also home to the majority of America’s sheep and goats.

The mountains of Texas are sandy and rocky in the western portion of the state. The Guadalupe Peak of the Davis mountains rests there and is the area’s highest elevation at 8,749 feet. Texas Hill Country is made up of rolling hills in the central and western portions of the state. The southeastern edges of the Rocky Mountains are found in the panhandle. These mountains are just east of Amarillo.

In addition to the plains, coastlines and mountains, there are many forests and woody areas, mostly pine, near the Red River, and a few other rivers that grace the land.