What Types of Hostels Are Available for Seniors?

What Types of Hostels Are Available for Seniors?

There are no hostels in the United States or abroad that cater specifically to seniors, so there is no such thing as seniors hostels or hostels that are exclusively for people of a certain age. However, most hostels around the world welcome travelers of all ages.

In recent years, luxury hostels aimed at mature travelers have sprung up primarily in Europe and Great Britain. They are slightly more expensive per day, with amenities, such as a gym, indoor pool, restaurant, bar and a central location. Both independent and official European hostels tend to have private baths and rooms.

Official hostels come with an added benefit for seniors. They belong to a parent organization, such as Hostelling International USA, which offers a discounted membership for travelers over the age of 55. An HIUSA membership provides the convenience of making reservations through HIUSA.com.

The booking site also features pictures, descriptions of hostels and sorting features. TransitionsAbroad.com recommends that seniors looking to stay in hostels book ahead, bring earplugs, request a bottom bunk, locate alternate bathrooms, and use the kitchen. Renting towels from the hostel to save space in a backpack and grabbing a second helping of any free breakfast are some other helpful tips.

Small and remote hostels often have positive word-of-mouth reputations among travelers, including seniors. This information is not official and typically floats around on the forums of popular websites that cater to budget travelers, such as LonelyPlanet.com and RickSteves.com. Senior travelers may find helpful recommendations on such forums.