What Types of Flights Can Land at Puerto Peñasco International Airport?

Private flights and commercial flights, both domestic and international, can land at Puerto Peñasco International Airport, as of 2015. Mar de Cortés International Airport is the official name of the Puerto Peñasco International Airport.

Puerto Peñasco International Airport stands on more than 1,482 acres of land in Puerto Peñasco in the Mexican state of Sonora. The beach town of Puerto Peñasco is just an hour away from the border of Arizona. Tourists also call the town Rocky Point.

Charter flights between the United States and Mexico land at Puerto Peñasco International Airport and make up 8 percent of the flights that land at the airport. The airport annually services about 6,000 passengers and has approximately 8,100 feet of runway that can service planes such as the Boeing 767 and Airbus equivalents. Nearly 30 percent of the commuters that arrive at the airport are traveling from the United States.

Some of the airport amenities include a snack bar, public restrooms, a check-in luggage area, parking lots with handicapped parking spaces and pilot quarters with connection to the Internet. This airport is the first airport privately owned and built in Mexico, beginning as a partnership in 2009 between Grupo Mayan Resorts and the state.