What Types of Animals Live in the Caribbean Sea?

M Swiet Productions/Moment/Getty Images

Several types of animals live in or around the Caribbean Sea including birds, reptiles, whales, amphibians and sharks. The Caribbean is home to endangered creatures as well as those that live in abundance.

January through March is the best time to see humpback whales and their babies. The Caribbean Sea is the home of the second largest barrier reef in the world and there divers and nature lovers will find thousands of species like the blue tang, yellow damselfish, green moray eel and nurse shark. It is possible for tourists to interact with these and other species.

The Caribbean Sea is also home to some very dangerous creatures. The blue-ringed octopus has a powerful venom that can kill 30 humans in minutes. Fire coral causes severe pain, nausea and vomiting. The stonefish is one of the most venomous fish in the world that sports razor-sharp fins.

Some of the world’s most endangered creatures can be found in the Caribbean. These include the frog called the Coqui llanero, the St. Croix ground lizard, the West Indian manatee and the Puerto Rican boa. There are currently four amphibians, 11 reptiles, nine birds and one mammal that are endangered and live in the area.