What Type of Materials Can You Get on NebraskAccess?

For Nebraska residents, NebraskAccess offers a variety of databases that include extensive listings of publications and articles in full text, different reference centers, the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, a science and technology collection and WorldCat. For students from kindergarten through 12th grade, NebraskAccess also provides a database of research resources.

Because access to all databases is available to Nebraskans, a resident of this state can login from home using his state driver's license or state ID card. Additionally, students in Nebraska schools or visitors to a library in this state can also access NebraskAccess. In order to offer NebraskAccess to its residents, the state of Nebraska purchases access to various databases. NebraskAccess is available 24/7.

All these purchased databases contain a wealth of information. For example, the WorldCat database consists of more than 120 million records that give details on books, manuscripts, periodicals and other materials found in libraries worldwide. Similarly, there are EBSCO databases for different types of collection documents, including science and technology, consumer health, historical and genealogical records and psychology and behavioral science.

These databases can contain full text for articles found in a variety of journals. Some other types of databases offered by NebraskAccess include legal, small business and biography reference centers. The NoveList K-8 Plus and NoveList Plus databases are resources for fiction and non-fiction reading materials, book reviews and book recommendations.

Although the purchased databases are only available to Nebraskans, all visitors to this website can find links to resources, such as the Nebraska Library Commission, state government publications and Nebraska memories.