What Type of Items Can You Find at Huisman Auctions?


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Huisman Auctions has different types of items including, but not limited to, construction equipment, commercial vehicles and equipment, and personal property. Some examples of items available at Huisman Auctions are vehicles, farm equipment, generators, golf carts and forklifts. Huisman Auctions has both live and online auctions.

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A wide range of vehicles are available at Huisman Auctions, including motorcycles, vans, SUVs, trucks and cars. All vehicles at Huisman Auctions have the necessary DMV paperwork. Vehicles without DMV paperwork are not allowed at the auctions.

Live auctions allow various types of items such as those discussed above, while online auctions are limited to tools and shop equipment. Different kinds of tools, including hand, pneumatic and electric tools are available at the auction. The updated list of available items and auction schedule, along with terms and conditions of the auction, is available on Huismanauction.com. In order to bid on online auctions, one must have an account on the website.

Huisman Auctions is very particular about having items in running condition. Items that are not in running condition are not allowed at the auctions. It is also very strict about not allowing junk at the auctions. It categorizes numerous items as junk, including electronics, office equipment, furniture, auto parts and scrap metal. Electronics items are not allowed at the auctions, including household appliances, vacuum cleaners and music players.

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