What Type of Items Can Be Bought at the Vatican Museum Gift Shop?

What Type of Items Can Be Bought at the Vatican Museum Gift Shop?

Some types of items that can be found at the Vatican Museum gift shop include jewelry, spiritual cards, rosary boxes, coins and books. Tourists visiting the Vatican often buy items from the gift shop to keep as souvenirs.

Jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklaces and rings are among the most popular items available in the Vatican gift shop.

Gift boxes are another item available in the Vatican gift shop. These boxes feature different designs and colors to suit various preferences. Rosary and jewelry boxes are among the items available under this category.

The gift shop also sells various types of books, including bibles, hymn books and history books. Individuals who purchase these books can hope to learn more about the history of the Vatican and find inspiration through others.

Religious memorabilia are also available through this gift shop. Examples of these items include crucifixes, rosaries and Pope memorabilia. These items are often used during religious ceremonies in various parts of the world. Other items available through this gift shop include holy communion gifts, rosary beads, magnets, pendants, pill boxes and hand fans.

Vatican gift shops are available in places other than the Vatican Museum, so visitors don't have to enter the museum in order to buy gifts. Gift shops are located throughout the Vatican City state. The money collected from sales goes to charities and humanitarian activities, in addition to helping the Catholic Church.