What Type of Excursions Does Norwegian Cruise Line Have?

What Type of Excursions Does Norwegian Cruise Line Have?

Norwegian Cruise Line offers shore excursions in a variety of port destinations all over the world, including South America, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Europe. The activities offered range from sightseeing to sports to wildlife exploration. An excursion can last from a couple of hours to several days.

The South American stops offer numerous visits to national parks and nature reserves to admire the local wildlife, such as seals and penguins in Argentina. In Chile, the travelers can sign up for a three-day trip to explore the historic cities of Cusco and Lima with a stop at the famous Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan citadel.

The Alaskan excursions offer whale-watching as well as a train journey designed to showcase the country’s wild landscape ranging from vast lakes and forests to glaciers. Several excursions cover the New England coast with opportunities to visit New York City and Boston.

European attractions include traditional sightseeing in London, admiring the Russian cultural heritage in St. Petersburg, visiting the remains of Pompeii in Naples, or a trip to remote islands in Norway.

In Bermuda, tourists can enjoy beach time and explore local marine life with snorkeling. At night, it is possible to go night-fishing on the reef barrier. A stop in Hawaii allows travelers to experience the jungle and see local volcanoes up close. They can also spend the day surfing or enjoy a traditional dancing performance.