What Type of Clothing Do Russians Wear?


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In modern times, most Russians wear the same clothing styles found in Europe and North America. Traditional Russian clothing styles include elaborately embroidered dresses and shirts, headdresses and fur hats. Some Russians still wear traditional clothing for festivals and other special occasions.

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What Type of Clothing Do Russians Wear?
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Most Russians dress the same way as other Europeans on a day-to-day basis. Jeans, T-shirts and other fixtures of modern clothing are common in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Due to the cold weather, most people have winter coats, boots and hats in their wardrobes; however, they also have appropriate clothing for spring, summer and fall.

There are a few style rules in Russia that residents are expected to follow. Most people wear suits to work, although a few offices have "casual Fridays." The Orthodox Church calls for conservative clothing, which means that men should wear collared shirts and dress pants and women should wear long skirts, shirts with high necklines and scarves to cover their heads. Bare feet and socks are frowned upon in the home, so it is important to wear slippers.

Russians do not wear traditional styles on an everyday basis, but some people wear traditional costumes for special events. Women's traditional clothing includes an embroidered dress style called the "sarafan" and embroidered linen blouses. Traditional costumes for women often include a richly embroidered headdress style called a "kokoshnik." Scarves and shawls are common in traditional clothing, as women were expected to cover their heads in the past. The traditional Russian men's costume centers around a shirt style called the "kosovorotka," which is a loose linen shirt with an embroidered front. Fur hats are also an important part of traditional winter attire.

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