Which Two South American Countries Are Landlocked?

The two South American countries that are landlocked are Bolivia and Paraguay. Although neither country has a sea coast, they both have several rivers.

Bolivia and Paraguay are the two landlocked countries in South America. Five countries surround Bolivia and three countries border Paraguay. As landlocked countries, Bolivia and Paraguay have geographic challenges particularly related to trade because they do not have a sea coast available to transport cargo. They must depend on freight trains and trucks instead of boats.


Located in the heart of South America, Bolivia has Brazil to the north and east, with Peru to the northwest, Argentina to the south, Paraguay to the southeast and Chile to the southwest. While it has no coastline, Bolivia features several rivers, such as the Itonomas, Beni and Paraguay Rivers that flow from the Andes mountain range to the Guapore River along the border with Brazil.


Paraguay is a neighbor of Bolivia, which is to the north. It also has Brazil to the north and a border with Argentina to the south. Rivers dominate Paraguay's natural features, with the Parana, Pilcomayo and Paraguay as its principal rivers. The country of Paraguay is slightly smaller than California.