What Two Major Rivers Empty Into the Black Sea?


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Two major rivers that drain their waters into the Black Sea are the Danube and Dnieper. The Danube spans a length of approximately 1,775 miles, while the Dnieper stretches for 1,430 miles.

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The Black Sea, which is situated between Asia and Southeastern Europe, is an inland sea that encompasses a total area of approximately 159,600 square miles. It merges with the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosporus, Dardanelles and Sea of Marmara. Aside from the Danube and Dnieper, other tributaries of the Black Sea include Southern Buh and Dniester.

The Danube rises in Germany, coursing through 10 other countries before reaching its massive delta in Ukraine and Romania, where it empties into the Black Sea. The Dnieper, meanwhile, has its headwaters located in Russia. From western Moscow, the river then flows through Belarus and Ukraine before discharging into the Black Sea.

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