What Two Large Islands Does the Denmark Strait Separates?

two-large-islands-denmark-strait-separates Credit: Mike Beauregard/CC-BY 2.0

The Denmark Strait is a channel of water that separates the islands of Greenland and Iceland. Greenland is located to the northwest of the strait while Iceland is to the southeast.

Also called the Greenland Strait, the Denmark Strait stretches approximately 300 miles long and 180 miles wide at its narrowest point. It is part of the Atlantic Ocean and connects to the Greenland Sea, which is an extension of the Arctic Ocean to the Irminger Sea.

Despite its relatively small size, the Denmark Strait is regarded as one of the most important channels in the world. It carries warmer waters along the British Isles up the coast of Norway, which gives the western part of Europe a more temperate climate than it should have given its latitude.