What Is There to Do in Turner Falls Park?


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Visitors to Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma, can enjoy hiking, picnicking, swimming or wading in natural pools and exploring caves and geological formations. One of the highlights of swimming at Turner Falls Park is the 77-foot waterfall, the highest in Oklahoma, which cascades down from Honey Creek above the natural swimming areas. Camping or lodging is also popular within the park, which features a campground, rental cabins and hookups for RVs.

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In addition to the natural attractions of Turner Falls Park, there are also novelty shops and bath houses for visitors to enjoy. There is also Collings Castle, a Depression-era rock castle, to explore. Built by the Collings family, this ruined building features a number of modestly-sized rooms connected by tunnels. Although it has been looted and allowed to fall into disrepair, Collings Castle still holds mystery for many visitors to Turner Falls Park, including filmmakers who have shot scenes within the grounds.

Turner Falls is the oldest park in the whole of Oklahoma and at 1,500 acres has drawn comparisons with major state parks like the Grand Canyon and Black Hills. Pets are not allowed anywhere within the grounds and entrance fees for adults and children aged 13 or over are $12 in the summer; in the winter, the fee is $6 for adults and children over the age of six, as of 2015.

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