How Do You Turn a Hotel Room Into a Party Room?


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To turn a hotel room into a party room, supply food, beverages and sufficient entertainment to keep party guests engaged for the duration of the event. Preparation is essential for a successful party.

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To prevent interference from the hotel during the party, it is best to have express permission from hotel management. Beforehand, gather basic party supplies, such as trash bags, napkins and disposable tableware. If planning on serving alcoholic drinks, it helps to have plenty of bottle openers or corkscrews available. Make sure excellent air conditioning is available, as packed hotel rooms can heat up quickly.

When issuing invitations, clearly state whether or not guests can bring friends. Whatever the stated policy, expect some attendees to bring extra friends with them, and plan on how to respond. Choose guests wisely for more successful hotel parties. A loud or rowdy attendee can easily bring a party to a sudden and unpleasant end. Pick several trusted guests and ask them to be unofficial peacekeepers.

If supplying food, avoid snack foods like salsa and hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, which can easily stain carpets. Before the party starts, survey the room and remove items that are easily breakable. During the party, actively observe to prevent room damage and enforce party rules. If a guest gets out of hand, cordially but firmly insist that the guest leaves.

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