What Travel Options Are Available to United Airlines Employees?

As of 2016, United Airlines offers a wide range of travel options and benefits for their full-time employees, including unlimited standby travel to anywhere in the world that is serviced by United. Employees who prefer not to fly standby can purchase regular United Airlines tickets at discounted rates. United employees can participate in travel to almost anywhere in the world, since United services 352 destinations in 58 countries around the globe.

In addition to offering travel benefits to employees, United Airlines also includes a host of other benefits. United employees receive paid vacation time and sick time and access to medical, dental and vision plans. United Airlines also offers employees the option to participate in long-term disability insurance and life insurance plans. The company's wellness program helps employees stay healthy through chronic condition management services, personal health records and complimentary lifestyle coaching.

Some of the bonus opportunities offered to United Airlines employees include on-time arrival bonuses, customer satisfaction bonuses and general profit-sharing. Employees can also participate in the company's 401(k) plan with matching funds.

Interested parties can view current job openings and submit job applications by visiting the Career Opportunities page at United.com. Some of the popular United job categories include flight attendants, airline operations, food service, pilots and airline reservation personnel.