What Travel Benefits Can U.S. Airways Employees Get Through the Wings System?

As of 2015, U.S. Airways employees receive free standby flights across the U.S. Airways network. They also receive free, unlimited standby flights for their parents and registered companions. Employees receive additional benefits such as affiliate discounts, boarding priority and a quota of flight “buddy passes” to distribute freely.

Since the 2013 merger of U.S. Airways and American Airlines, the company has begun to phase out its Wings system in favor of the American Airlines JetNet system. As a result, U.S. Airways employees may use their travel benefits on the American Airlines network. Each year, employees receive 16 buddy passes, or one-way flight vouchers, to distribute to friends and family not otherwise eligible. Retired U.S. Airways employees retain many of these benefits, including eight buddy passes per year.

If employees do not wish to fly standby, they are eligible for up to 20% off their tickets. Active employees, their registered companions and their dependents receive boarding priority, followed by retired employees, employee parents and buddy pass users. In addition, travelers with connecting flights have higher boarding priority. Eligible travelers may upgrade their free coach flights to first or business class for a flat service charge. There may also be service charges for parents, dependents or registered companions, or for excess baggage.