What Transportation Services Are Offered by Tornado Bus Company?

What Transportation Services Are Offered by Tornado Bus Company?

Tornado Bus Company has bus services between a number of destinations in the United States and Mexico. The company appears to primarily target Latino customers, as much of the English version of their website is in Spanish.

As of March 2015, Tornado has terminals in seven states throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Most of the company's terminals are located in Texas, where it has at least one in nearly all of the largest cities. The company is offering a promotion for the duration of 2015 in which any trip within Texas costs $8.99 per person.

In addition to the terminals, the buses stop in many other locations along routes between terminals. Buses also go to a variety of locations in Mexico. The company also offers charter bus service.

Round trip tickets within the United States can be purchased online with a credit card, and boarding passes can be printed at home. Tickets from the United States to Mexico can also be purchased online, but return tickets must be arranged locally once there.

Passengers are allowed two checked bags of 40 pounds or less and no more than 62 inches in total. One carry-on bag of 25 pounds or less is also allowed.