What Transportation Is Available From Miami Airport to the Cruise Port?


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Forms of transportation available from Miami airport to the cruise port includes taxis, cruise-line transfers, independent shuttles, hotel shuttles, and private cars or limos. Among these, taxis are the most preferred means of transportation as they are quite convenient.

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Tourists often prefer taxis because they are among the cheaper means of transportation between Miami airport and the cruise ports. Additionally, with taxis there is no need to wait for other passengers, and they leave whenever the tourist is ready.

Cruise-line transfers, such as the one Carnival provides, are more expensive than taxis as the prices are per person. Also, several such transfer services are available only on the days of cruise and departure. Independent shuttles, such as SuperShuttle, are cheaper than the cruise line transfers. They are cheaper than taxis for a single rider but are expensive for group riders as they charge extra for every additional rider. These shuttles are better-suited for large groups traveling from Fort Lauderdale airport.

Many hotels in the region offer free shuttle services. Tourists should find out if their hotel offers this service. The shuttle service companies often offer several car services that are affordable for tourists who are ready to share the cost of a ride.

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