How Do You Transport Your Car by Train?


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To transport your car by train as of 2015, book the travel through a train company, and give your car to that company by driving it to the train station or having the train company pick it up with a truck, depending on which option the company offers. Some companies allow you to drop your car off and then pick it up in the destination city, while others require you to ride on the same train as your car.

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Train companies with websites typically allow online travel booking. To do so, visit the website, and enter a departure city, destination city, your vehicle information, and whether you want open or enclosed transportation. Once this information has been submitted, the site provides a price quote, or the company contacts you after calculating a price quote. The company may also require a departure date. For auto shipments by train, an arrival date isn't standard, as weather and other factors affect scheduling.

Both open and enclosed transportation options are available. Both methods tend to be safe, although open transportation exposes the car to outside elements. For this reason, enclosed travel is the better option for cars that lose value through exposure to the elements, such as classic or rare cars.

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