How Is the Traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge?


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Major traffic issues exist on New York's Tappan Zee Bridge due to overcrowding. Designed to accommodate 100,000 vehicles on a peak traffic day, it routinely carries approximately 138,000 vehicles daily. The traffic is one of the major reasons a new bridge is being constructed to replace the Tappan Zee.

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Because of the large numbers of cars and trucks on the bridge, traffic jams and traffic delays frequently occur. No lanes exist on the side for emergency or stranded vehicles, adding to the problem. Seven lanes of traffic operate on the bridge. Three are eastbound, and three are westbound. On weekdays, the center seventh lane carries eastbound traffic in the morning and westbound traffic in the evening. Nevertheless, the fact that this bridge is one of the main crossings over the Hudson River on the city's north side makes traffic flow quite slow.

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