What Is a Traditional Dish of Pakistan?

traditional-dish-pakistan Credit: clubfoto/E+/Getty Images

Some examples of traditional Pakistani dishes are Kofta, Sajji, Nihari, Landhi, Daal (lentil stew), Sabzi (vegetables), Kabab (Chappal, Shammi, Seekh), Poori and Paratha. Traditional dishes are foods that are served in the same method as they were in previous times and fall under the dish, rice or snack category.

Pakistani cuisines are recognized for their rich flavor and are spicy, while using a large number of condiments when compared to other popular cuisines. Traditional dishes are mainly eaten for lunch or dinner, with rice dishes being served to guests or eaten on special occasions. Snacks are often served at dinner time with tea. The type of snack served can also vary from one season to the next.