How Do You Track an Airline Flight?

track-airline-flight Credit: Blend Images/John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

Track an airline flight by visiting a flight tracking website such as or and entering information including airline, flight number, date and cities of flight origin and destination. Individual airlines also offer flight status information on their websites, but it is generally much less detailed.

Flight tracking websites provide very specific information regarding flights on any airline, including the type of aircraft flown, flying speed, altitude, distance flown and average fare rates paid by passengers. The websites also show interactive maps of the planes' current routes, locations and weather radar, making it possible to view the real-time movements of planes. Additionally, the websites provide information such as scheduled and actual departure and arrival times and the seven-day averages for specific airports. These websites offer terminal and gate details, parking, transportation and hotel information upon arrival and current and upcoming weather conditions in the destination city.

Flight details can also be viewed by entering the same information in the flight status section on a specific airline's website, with results generally including scheduled and updated departure and arrival times, delays, cancellations, and terminal and gate information. Airlines recommend checking frequently for any changes, as they constantly update flight statuses. Southwest Airlines is one airline offering flight status tracking.