What Are Some Towns in Livingston County, Illinois?

What Are Some Towns in Livingston County, Illinois?

Some towns in Livingston County, Illinois are Chatsworth, Dwight and Fairbury. In addition, the city of Pontiac is the Livingston County seat and the city of Pontiac still maintains its historic courthouse that dates back to 1875.

Pontiac, Illinois is home to the Route 66 Association of the Illinois Hall of Fame and Museum and the Livingston County War Museum. Large, outdoor murals line Pontiac's shopping district and the 1875 Livingston County Courthouse still stands in the middle of town. Pontiac boasts three swinging, pedestrian bridges.

Similarly, Chatsworth is a town in Livingston County that traces its history to the first survey of the town in 1859. Residents go on to establish a Methodist church in 1859 and a Baptist church follows in 1871. Over the years, commerce and industry in the town includes a golf course, lumber, a cigar factory and a radio station.

Likewise, Dwight, Illinois is a village in Livingston County that sits 75 miles southwest of Chicago. Settlers first establish the town in 1854 and the modern town boasts historical landmarks, restaurants and scenery. The town is also 60 minutes northeast of Bloomington, Indiana. Dwight residents have the option to pay tickets online and the village boasts a police department.

Fairbury, Illinois has a large waterworks with a deep well that transports water more than five miles to residents. Fairbury also boasts a grain market and farmers grow a large amount of corn in and near the town. Arc lamps line Fairbury's business district. Valuable deposits of coal lie below the city.