What Are Some Towns Along the Rhine River?

What Are Some Towns Along the Rhine River?

Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Strasbourg and Rotterdam are some towns along the Rhine River as it flows through Germany, France and Holland. Many of the cities are known for famous architecture and are filled with historical landmarks dating back many centuries, while others are more modern eclectic centers of government and commerce.

Cologne, Germany, was founded in 38 B.C. by the Romans. Its most famous feature is the iconic Kolner Don Cathedral from the middle ages, with its twin spires dominating the city's skyline from the banks of the Rhine. The city offers a wide selection of museums that cover 2,000 years of history ranging from Roman artifacts to medieval religious art and sculptures through both world wars.

After the heavy damage it sustained during World War II, Dusseldorf, Germany, has rebuilt as a city filled with boundary-pushing modern architecture, a wild nightlife and a burgeoning art scene. Bonn became the capital of West Germany during the Cold War and remained the center of government after its reunification with East Germany. Bonn has many famous sites, including the birthplace of Beethoven and a monument to the famous composer located on the Munsterplatz.

Strasbourg, France, is where Gutenberg invented the printing press, and the city is known for its scenic architecture, towers and canals. Strasbourg is also known for its cuisine and having the one of the largest and oldest Christmas markets in Europe

Sitting on the delta where the Rhine empties into the North Sea, Rotterdam, Holland, is home to the largest port in the world. The city is sophisticated and stylish with modern art museums, cutting-edge architecture and some of the most extensive shopping options available anywhere.