What Are Some Towns in Alberta?

The two most prominent cities in the Canadian province of Alberta are Calgary and Edmonton. Other notable cities in Alberta are Red Deer, Lethbridge, St. Albert, Medicine Hat and Grande Prairie.

According to the 2011 census, Calgary is Alberta's most populous city and Canada's third-most populous city. Calgary, located in southern Alberta along the Bow River, hosted the 1988 Olympic Winter Games.

Edmonton is Canada's fifth-most populous city and the second-most populated city in Alberta. Edmonton, the provincial capital, is in central Alberta. The North Saskatchewan River passes through the city.

Red Deer is the third-most populated city in Alberta, with 90,564 inhabitants in 2011. Red Deer, named for its location along the Red Deer River, is about halfway between Edmonton and Calgary on a map of Alberta. Lethbridge, the fourth-most populated city in Alberta, is near Alberta's border with the U.S. state of Montana.

St. Albert is the fifth-most populated city in Alberta. The city of St. Albert shares its southeast border with Edmonton. Medicine Hat, the sixth-most populated city in the province, is in Alberta's southeast corner. Medicine Hat is near the province's border with Saskatchewan. Grande Prairie, the seventh-most populated city in Alberta, is northwest of Edmonton.