How Do You Get a Tourist Visa for China?

How Do You Get a Tourist Visa for China?

To get a tourist visa for China, an applicant must have proper validity on his passport, fill out necessary paperwork, submit the document and photos, and pay required fees, as of 2015. The applicant must also visit the embassy or consulate to pick up the visa.

An applicant for a Chinese tourist visa must have at least six months validity on his passport. The applicant should complete the Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China, Form V.2013.

The applicant then assembles an application package. In the package is included a 2-by-2 passport photo with a white background. Other forms necessary include Proof of Residential Address, such as a clear photocopy of state issued ID. The address must match that on the Chinese visa application form. A brief job and company description is also required.

Furthermore, the applicant must submit an official invitation from China. This includes an Invitation Letter for Tourist Group or Invitation Letter for Tourist by a Duly Authorized Tourism Unit. If this is not available, the applicant may submit a photocopy of the round trip airline ticket and hotel reservation, or a cruise ticket.

No appointment is necessary at a Chinese Embassy or consulate to submit an application package. Processing time usually takes four working days but can be expedited for a fee.