What Are Some Tourist Attractions in Fly Geyser, Nevada?


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Fly Geyser is not a town, but a tourist attraction itself. It is a manmade geyser with an unusual appearance. The nearest town to Fly Geyser is Gerlach, which has very little in the way of tourist attractions.

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Fly Geyser is located on the edge of the Black Rock Desert. An energy company’s drilling efforts to find geothermal boiling water initially created the geyser. The water it struck was hot, but not hot enough to suit its needs, so the company abandoned the operation. Over time, the gradual deposit of minerals created an unusually shaped mound that is red and green in color, and the geyser became a tourist attraction. The mound is on private property, but Bruno’s Country Club in Gerlach works with the property owners to arrange tours to view the geyser.

Gerlach is a very small town with little to offer tourists. The main source of travel to the area is for the annual Burning Man festival, which takes place in the nearby desert. The area also sees some traffic from hunters. Bruno's Country Club has a restaurant, motel, saloon and gambling on-site. Other sources of drinks and food include Bev's Mining Club, Black Rock Saloon and Joe's Gerlach Club.

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