How Do You Tour the Palace of Versailles?


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Tour the Palace of Versailles by purchasing admission tickets online or at the on-site ticket desks in the palace's main courtyard. As of 2015, there are three ticket options that vary in price.

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The least-expensive admission ticket provides access to only the Palace of Versailles for a single day. The passport ticket is a little more expensive but allows access to the Versailles Estate, which includes the Palace of Versailles, Marie-Antoinette's hamlet, the Trianon palaces, the grounds, and the Musical Fountains and Gardens show. The third type of admission is the two-day passport ticket that allows access to all of the above for two consecutive days. The Versailles website suggests that those with passport tickets start with the interior of the palace, tour the grounds, and finish at the Trianon palaces and Marie-Antoinette's hamlet.

Before visiting the Palace of Versailles, check the opening and closing times, which vary throughout the year for each section of the Versailles Estate. The palace is closed for a few select holidays and every Monday. The Estate is least crowded on weekdays from November to March, the low season for tourism.

Built in the 1600s, Versailles was a home for French royalty. Eventually Marie-Antoinette built her hamlet in 1783 as an escape from palace life.

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