What Are the Top Tourist Spots in La Unión, El Salvador?

What Are the Top Tourist Spots in La Unión, El Salvador?

Most travelers come to La Unión, El Salvador for its gorgeous beaches. Several beach resorts exist along La Unión's coast, housing the vast majority of travelers in La Unión.

La Unión sits on the coast of La Unión Bay in the Gulf of Fonseca. Its coastline features powdery sand and turquoise waters. Playa Las Tunas and Playa Jaguey are two of the more popular beaches, along with Playa El Cuco.

Las Floras is another popular beach located in the western portion of La Unión. This beach is particularly popular for surfers. The most famous surfing location is Punta Mango, an isolated locale with huge waves.

La Unión is situated on the northern foot of Conchagua Volcano, and many travelers enjoy hiking the volcano's slopes. Several places on Conchagua Volcano are known to steam on a regular basis, but there have been no confirmed eruptions during recorded history. The volcano and surrounding forest are a part of the Bosque Conchagua National Park.

Another popular attraction is Tortuga Verde. This resort area features both a lovely beach area and fascinating rain forest. The resort was once a series of coconut plantations, which today have been converted into natural reserves. Tortuga Verde is considered both one of La Unión's best attractions and places to stay.