What Are the Top 10 States to Live In, in 2014?

According to a 2014 report by CNBC, the top 10 states to live in are Hawaii, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Maine and South Dakota. This list was evaluated according to crime rate, health care, environmental quality and local attractions.

CNBC's ranking of the 10 states with the best quality of life includes states with a low crime rate, relatively clean air, a high number of residents with health insurance and an abundance of natural beauty. By these standards, Hawaii is the best location in the United States to live. However, Hawaii has a less robust business market than many other states, and the list does not take into account economic development or availability of jobs.

A Gallup poll released in 2014 asked residents of all 50 states to give their opinion as to whether their state was a good place to live. Based on those results, Montana, Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Colorado, Vermont and Oregon were the top 10 states. Nearly 80 percent of residents in Montana and Alaska held extremely positive beliefs about living there.

The poll used various metrics to determine trends in the results. Overall, the quality of a state according to its residents depends on a higher median income, trust in the state government, lower stress, and fewer concerns about taxes.