What Are Some Tools You Can Use to Calculate Tolls on a Road Trip?

tools-can-use-calculate-tolls-road-trip Credit: John Greim/LightRocket/Getty Images

There are a variety of websites that allow you to calculate tolls for individual highways and turnpikes. Several apps have this function, such as Tollsmart Toll Calculator. However, there is no website that allows a traveler to simply plug in a start location and destination and calculate total fees.

Because each state has different fees and organizations overseeing toll operations, there is no comprehensive list of U.S. toll roads a traveler can reference. On most state websites, it is possible to see how much it costs to take a single highway, but interstate travel is increasingly difficult to calculate. Toll calculator apps can provide an accurate estimate, but usually cost money to use.

A more affordable approach would be to plan out a route using Mapquest and verify if each road has a toll on it. Apps like Tollsmart can help speed up this process and also offer more streamlined features, such as calculating which days of the week it is cheapest to travel based on changing toll prices. Researching the various toll prices and routes will always yield the most accurate travel cost, but if time and money are flexible resources, a calculator app gives a fair estimate in seconds.