What Are the Best Tips for Surviving in the Desert?

people-survive-desert Credit: Ingram Publishing/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Desert survival depends on protection from the elements, including the extreme temperatures that can be experienced both during the day and at night, with heat stroke, dehydration and hypothermia all posing risks to human health and safety. The biggest tip for desert survival is to be prepared for the climate, which means being equipped with proper gear and clothing in addition to adequate supplies of water and food, which are not naturally plentiful in most desert areas.

Access to water should be prioritized over access to food because the human body can survive much longer without food than it can without water, and consumption of food can even cause some dehydration in extreme circumstances.

Protection from the sun is another essential component of desert survival. Those who are able to construct some sort of shelter that provides shade will be exposed to less heat and sunshine. Because heat causes sweating and leads to dehydration, staying as cool as possible during the day in the desert is an important survival technique.

Those who need to travel through the desert should leave discernible marks, such as rocks and sticks, in their path, in addition to using nearby landmarks as a point of orienteering reference to avoid traveling in circles.