What Are Some Tips for Safe Driving?


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Some basic driving safety tips include wearing a seat belt, using the correct restraints and seats for children, staying alert and watching for debris on the road, avoiding times of high traffic and obeying posted speed limits. Keeping distractions inside the car to a minimum is also crucial to maintaining a safe focus on the road as is keeping within the legal alcohol limit for driving. Another way to minimize traffic dangers is to take alternative routes whenever possible.

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What Are Some Tips for Safe Driving?
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It is important as a driver to be aware of and respond to changing weather conditions. During the winter, it is even more important to avoid driving too close to other cars due to the risk of slippery roads. Bridges and overpasses are especially susceptible to ice, so drive slowly and avoid using the brakes until fully across. In the event that the car does slide on ice, avoid using the brakes and gas pedal altogether and instead simply turn into the direction of the slide to regain control.

Even a small amount of alcohol can make a person sleepy or drowsy, and small amounts of other drugs can have adverse effects on alertness and reaction time. Sleepiness, whether from drugs or lack of sleep, is very dangerous, as it can result in lack of attention. It is important to stay fresh while driving long distances, so drivers should stop for a break to have a snack, use the restroom, and stretch their legs every few hours, even if they do not feel tired.

Some driving safety tips for seniors include having vision checked no more infrequently than every 2 years and hearing checked every 3 years. As the body ages, it will naturally need extra support when driving. Senior drivers should ensure that they drive vehicles equipped with the proper equipment, such as large mirrors, power steering and power brakes.

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