What Are Some Tips for Routing and Scheduling?


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Some tips for dispatchers in charge of routing and scheduling include learning to work with customers without telling them no, learning to triage customers to address those who need to be scheduled sooner, using a mapping tool to create efficient routes and confirming that the scheduled appointment has been completed, notes HindsiteSoftware.com. There are several free and paid mobile applications that can help dispatchers with routing, such as Google Maps, Waze, Bing Maps, TomTom and Garmin StreetPilot.

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To route and schedule customers in an efficient and profitable way, dispatchers should learn to not say no to customers. Instead, it is best to offer them several other schedule options to choose from or offer to reschedule sooner if a cancellation occurs.

Another tip for dispatchers is to learn how to triage customers effectively so that those who need earlier schedules are addressed sooner than those who can wait a few days. This can help with time management and improve customer satisfaction, notes HindsiteSoftware.com

Dispatchers should use a mapping tool or mobile map application to create routes that are time efficient and saves money. That way, schedules are grouped together in the same area or along the same route, rather than having people travel all across the map.

Once the scheduled appointment is complete, dispatchers should check in to confirm that everything was handled properly. If something needs to be rescheduled or rerouted, the dispatcher can take car of it at this time.

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