What Are Some Tips for Renting Boom Trucks?


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When renting a boom truck, the most important advice from websites such as RentItToday.com and BucketTrucks.org consists of safety tips in three broad areas: equipment inspection, rental operator training and worksite inspection. Following guidelines from these sites helps ensure safe operation.

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Boom trucks, which entail both crane and bucket-mounted mobile lifting platforms, are heavy machines that can be extremely dangerous when damaged, under untrained operator controls or when being operated in an unsafe environment. The crane variants of boom trucks are used to lift materials into elevated or otherwise inaccessible areas, while bucket boom lifts are designed to lift workers. Although neither type of boom truck needs a specific certification for operation, the U.S. Occupational Safety Health Standards codes require, as of October 2015, previous training on equipment operation by qualified personnel prior to use.

Equipment inspection of a rental boom truck is generally performed by the renting agency but should be performed independently by the rental operator before use. The daily check of such equipment looks for missing or damaged components, leaks in fluid or air pressure, and proper safety signage. The OSHA regulations state that lift controls must be tested at the beginning of every work shift prior to use.

An inspection of the worksite the boom truck is being used at is prudent as well. A rental operator looks for uneven ground, excess wind conditions and overhead obstructions prior to set up and use of the machinery. Electrical lines in the area should also be noted as proximity is a particularly dangerous hazard to workers and equipment.

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