What Are Some Tips for Moving Yourself One-Way in a Rental Ryder Truck?


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Tips for moving yourself one-way in a rental Ryder truck are to bring two forms of identification to secure the rental and to bring a credit card to put down a deposit. In addition, carefully consider the size of the rental truck necessary for the move to avoid paying too much or not having enough room, and pack items in boxes or with padding to ensure safety during the move.

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When renting a Ryder truck, bring a driver's license and at least one other form of identification, such as a credit card. In addition, a person renting a Ryder truck must be able to show that he has the appropriate license endorsements for his vehicle. If your personal auto insurance doesn't cover rentals, you should be prepared to buy insurance from Ryder. The person renting the truck must give Ryder credit card information for the deposit.

If moving only a few rooms with belongings, use a smaller moving truck of approximately 10 feet. Moving an entire house requires a larger truck, such as a 16-foot truck. It's also important to think about any accessories that might make the move easier, such as carts and padding for easy loading and unloading and to protect belongings during the drive. Smaller items can fit snugly into boxes for safe transportation.

Exercise caution when backing up with the truck, and consider having a person stand outside and guide the driver when backing up. Be mindful that trucks make wider turns than cars and that a moving truck has a higher overhead clearance.

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