What Are Some Tips for Moving to St. Thomas?


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Some tips for moving to St. Thomas are to travel to the island to learn the local prices for basic goods before moving and to send belongings by ship in order to save money. Another tip for moving to St. Thomas is that jobs in the tourism industry are plentiful, while jobs in professional fields play less than mainland jobs for the same type of work.

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It helps to travel to St. Thomas before making final arrangements to move. This helps the person moving learn about local customs and about things such as grocery availability and prices. Groceries often cost much more on the island than they cost on the mainland, so a person moving to St. Thomas needs to plan for the increased cost. It also helps to speak with utility companies about what prices to expect. Even water is expensive on the island of St. Thomas.

Before moving, it is important to find a place to stay by searching local advertisements. It is not uncommon for a landlord to live at the same location as her rental property in a separate building or in a duplex. Another tip is to send belongings to the island via ship after locating a home. Some items such as cars cannot ship via plane and shipping is generally less expensive by ship than by any other method. If the traveler plans to live in St. Thomas without a car, it is important to take walking logistics into consideration when settling on a place to live.

Jobs in the hospitality industry are plentiful because of the island's booming tourism industry. Individuals moving to the island can find work as bartenders, waiters or assistants to charter boat captains. There is less demand for professional workers.

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