What Are Some Tips for Moving to Portland, Oregon?


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Someone moving to Portland, Oregon should carefully pick a neighborhood, arrange a living situation and keep up with the local job boards. Reading the free local papers, building community and cultivating friendships also enhance a move to Portland. According to Mac's List, Portland is a worthwhile place to live because of its blooming community, thriving culture, intimacy, food and entertainment.

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The first thing to consider before moving to Portland is to choose a neighborhood. The neighborhoods to pick from are North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Each neighborhood has a distinct culture, architecture and atmosphere. Anyone wanting to move to Portland must also consider the proximity to their place of work and whether they want to live close to their job or live farther away and take public transportation. After choosing a neighborhood, it's time to decide on a home. Decide whether to rent or buy and which type of home to live in: house, apartment, duplex or condo.

There are several niche job boards in Portland that can open doors for someone trying to find a career in the city. The local papers, such as the Willamette Week, the Portland Mercury and The Portland Monthly, provide information and suggestions regarding places and activities to explore. Portland also offers various ways to connect with others. Joining clubs, talking with neighbors and volunteering for local organizations are effective ways to build community and foster new friendships.

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