What Are Tips for Learning Geography Facts?


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Tips for learning geography facts include writing flash cards to memorize information, taking quizzes frequently to test knowledge and using technology to enhance learning. Geography games and communicating with people from other countries are also useful learning aids.

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What Are Tips for Learning Geography Facts?
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Flash cards help memorization through quick, repeated practice. When a person creates and uses flash cards, he reviews the information while writing the card and reading it. As he learns geography facts, he should remove the information he already knows well and add new, difficult facts to practice.

Online geography quizzes can show a person what he knows well and what he needs to study further. He should review all the questions he misses and find the correct answer. Other useful geography technology online includes customizable maps and three-dimensional representations of the planet Earth.

Playing geography games helps a person learn facts while having fun. One option is the globe game, where he uses to a globe to quiz himself about a certain location. Quiz question options include "Is the location in Europe?" or "Is it north of the equator?" If there are multiple players, the game becomes a competition. Lastly, by connecting with someone from another country, a person learns more about his own country, as well as the different areas of the world and their cultures.

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