What Are Some Tips for Going on Scenic River Cruises?


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Tips for a scenic river cruise include packing appropriately, planning for photography, considering physical limitations, and learning some of the basics of the local language. If traveling far from home, planning to stay a few extra days before starting the cruise or after ending it can maximize the vacation time with little additional expense.

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River cruises tend to be more casual than ocean ones. Men need a collared shirt and sports coat, but women do not need long dresses or formals, even for the evening meal. The weather can change quickly, so the traveler should bring a jacket, umbrella and rain poncho.

The best times to take photos on river cruises are the golden hours surrounding sunrise and sunset; however, depending on the vegetation cover at the time, the ideal period can end in minutes. Planning appropriately is key even if it requires leaving the dining room to snap the perfect photo.

In Europe, many cities have cobblestone streets, and there are often stairs without elevators. Some river cruise ships do not have elevators. Individuals with physical limitations should consider their own physical abilities before embarking on the cruise.

Americans who travel to Europe for a river cruise should plan to stay a few days on either or both ends of the adventure. Some cruise companies offer these extensions when booking the cruise. The extensions include transportation to or from the terminal.

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