What Are Some Tips for Finding Cheap Car Hire Companies in Spain?

Tips for finding cheap car hires include renting a car as early as possible when planning a trip, especially if the trip to Spain takes place during the peak summer travel season. Travelers should also pay in full at the time of booking to avoid unexpected extra charges.

When looking for cheap car hire companies in Spain, travelers should take a close look at the company's policy regarding fuel charges, taxes and exchange rate adjustments. Additionally, it's important that they ask about top-up insurance and deferred payments, because unscrupulous car hire companies make use of both to add on hidden fees without the consumer's consent or knowledge. In some cases, a separate excess insurance policy may be appropriate.

There are three main providers of rental car services that travelers are likely to use while in Spain: car hire brokers, price comparison websites and individual car hire companies. While car hire companies own their own cars and rent them out to travelers, the brokers and price comparison companies earn commissions on the sales that they help these companies make.

Price comparison websites usually include the prices of both car hire companies and car hire brokers, allowing consumers the opportunity to bypass the broker as a middleman.