What Are Some Tips for Booking Resorts in Cuba?

If booking a resort in Cuba, it's best to book early and to use one of the chain companies that co-owns many hotels and resorts in Cuba, such as the Spanish company Sol Melia. This firm owns most of the high-end resorts in Varadero Beach, a popular area. The website is available in English and is fairly easy to use. Another option is to book a vacation package from companies such as Signature Vacations or Sunwing.

Booking airfare and hotel together does save money in most cases. A vacation package company usually has a number of resorts from which to choose, with ratings and information available for each property. As of 2015, air travel from the United States to Cuba is still largely unavailable, so chances are high that the departure city will be in Canada or another neighboring location.

Though a credit card is usually used for security reasons to make a reservation on a website like Sol Melia, the actual payment is made at the resort upon arrival. Credit cards for U.S. banks may be used to make the reservation but not for payment. Vacation package companies generally allow travelers to pay for an entire trip up front but do not always accept U.S. credit cards.

Another plus for using vacation package firms is that they can help arrange visas, and they make sure clients have the proper travel documents and are carrying acceptable forms of payment. For U.S. citizens, this includes cash, a credit card from another country, such as Canada, or traveler's checks. Traveler's checks issued at U.S. banks are accepted.