How Does a Timeshare Schedule Typically Work?


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A property timeshare schedule typically works by dividing the year into weeks. Customers then purchase the right to use the property for their chosen week each year. The timeshare company sets the price for each available week in the schedule, and may make high-demand periods such as July 4th and Christmas more expensive.

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Flex timeshare schedules see customers buy a share in a season at a resort, as opposed to a specific unit. This gives the customer a given period of time each year in which they can book their accommodation; however, bookings may fill up as much as two years in advance as they are first come, first served.

Some companies use a points system, where each share owner has a certain number of points that they can use to book accommodation. The cost in points varies according to the time of year and type of accommodation, although the system allows for more flexibility as it is not so strictly scheduled.

Some timeshare owners have been victimized by scam artists. When an owner tries to sell their share, company representatives contact the owner and promise a quick sale in exchange for a processing fee. They may try to pressure the owner into making a quick decision and say they have an interested customer in the room with them, however the owner never hears from the company again once the fee is paid.

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