What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Majorca?

Majorca, also called Mallorca, is an island in the Mediterranean. It is a lively tourist destination year round, and is the largest island in the Balearic island chain of Spain. Visitors to Majorca will find warm, sweltering temperatures in the summer, and cooler, sometimes stormy temperatures in the winter months.

The climate of Majorca is a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are marked by hot temperatures and see little rain. Winters are mild but cooler than summer temperatures, and can see storm bursts and periods of rain. In Majorca’s mountain ranges, snow is not uncommon in January or February.

Tourism picks up in Majorca in the summer months of May through August. Travelers wanting to take advantage of warm and dry weather and avoid the crowds should visit in the months of March, April or May, when the weather is warm but the summer crowds haven’t yet picked up. Travelers may also want to take advantage of the fall season in Majorca, when the summer crowds are gone, but temperatures haven’t yet dropped. This occurs in the months of September and October.